Libya Data Set Group 53 - Ghadames Data

Group Name Designation  Description Data Type



1 Misc A4 plates Alrar/ El Wafa area  TIFF/PDF
2 Misc Larger scale maps El Wafa ( indude old scale map)  TIFF/PDF
3 Misc data on Ghadmames- Hand written notes NOC material  TIFF/PDF
4 Misc Maps (1) Geothermic grading Map (11) composite logs B1-24, A1-24 Gargaf/Topach Map – Regional carbonferious – total isopach/100000 ID basin modelling _furman NC162(NC132)  TIFF/PDF
5 Farm out document Kirchaon Dramis-Tunisia  TIFF/PDF
6 El Hamra Field (1) Well Correction section D1-66-06NC8 (11) Well Correction Section FFF1-66 FF5-66 (111) Hamada Field –Structure map layer ICD1)  TIFF/PDF
7 Summary Logs (1) A1-69, C1-69, A1-42, C1-30, D1-60, A1-1, PPI-66, C1-30  TIFF/PDF

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