Libya Data Set Group 50 - Misc Sirte Data

Group Name Designation  Description Data Type

Misc Sirte Data

1 Portions of composite logs through reservoir section with test data. I1-102, A1-NC171,HHH1-6 (qq1-6 tops on back) CCC1-6, UUU1-6, UUUIA-6, BBB1-80, CC1-80,D1-80,B1-NC98,CI-51,FFF1-6, D2-102,GGGG1-6,D1-103, E1-103, YYY1-6( Text well summary) C1-103, A8-32, A1-103, GG1-71, FFFF1-6. Redigitized Logs –SH-6 ( Hateiba),EE1-6, SAHLFILER 04-6, Assumood- H7-6, H8-6, A1-NC107  TIFF/PDF
2 Geological x sections (1) SE Sirte basin sair –Mashrad-Gialo-Angila-Nafiesa. (11) Central sirte basin Khuff-Bera-Sarab-Ora-Zeiten-Initial-Daud-Amal (111) Khalifa-Samah-Belhedan-Defa-Chadan-Serir-Magid (1V) Mabuk-Bahi-Dahra-Hufra-Farad-cyrenallca Agid B1-NC120-C1-18-BIA-18-B1-36-A1-NC128  TIFF/PDF
3 Hydrocarbon shows Map – Site Basin  TIFF/PDF
4 Seismic Data 16-V542-93,16-V547-93,16V313-88, 16V-10-84, 16V407-89, 16-V559-93  TIFF/PDF
5 MISc old seismic data conc6-North  TIFF/PDF
6 Field data –Old including production data  TIFF/PDF
7 Biostatigraph report –17 wells in sirte basin  TIFF/PDF
8 Wadi – Arra tops lddin- Wadi wells  TIFF/PDF
9 Esso geochemistry report  TIFF/PDF
10 Cyreniana play summary enclosure, E sirte basin pool map, w sirte pool map, sirte pool summary map  TIFF/PDF
11 Sirmca report conc 16, 20 & 17- Maps, text & diagram  TIFF/PDF

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