Libya Data Set Group 46 - Offshore Libya

Group Name Designation  Description Data Type

Offshore Libya

File 1

A1-NC120, CSU Field Log, Check Shot Log, Final Well Log

Well write up with useful regional material – Text, Figs and well results 
File 2

Gulf of Sirte Area

NC42 Geological Evaluation Report

Text and Well summary sheet for C1-88, Well penetration chart for Conc. 88 and 89. NC42 – Detailed well sheets for Conc 88 & 89 wells-incl. DST’s shows etc

Summary Sheet of Plays – Gulf of Sirte, Well data sheet D1=88, Well correlation sheet A1-86 – B1-88 – C1-43 – C1-86. 
File 3

Hydrocarbon Potential of Homs High Area (East of B1-NC35a)

WT survey –depth sections (interpreted)

Seismic line EL (76) 244

ISIS#3 Well log GR SDP Log, and Microlaterlog 


File 4  Conc 137 and NC42 Miscell. Prospectivity plats (A4)   
File 5 SP-ISF-GR-SLS-MSFL 1/500

For wells B1-NC87 + Composite well log

F1-NC35a – Prospect montage 

Seismic data

SO84 – 188

SO84 – 186

SO84 – 307 (Wadan)

SO84 – 327 (Misurata)

SO84 – 190

ISIS Well Logs For Isis 1, 2, and 3    


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