Libya Data Set Group 44 - Offshore Libya

Group Name Designation  Description Data Type

Additional Data

1 Seismic data Interpreted – WT84-16-1-2-, WT84-25-2,1 & 3/£A, WT84-20-1 & WT84-20-5, WT84-25-2,1 &3/3A, Line A£ S)84-190 (Uninterpreted)  TIFF/PDF
2 Seismic data (Miscellaneous interpreted data) S084-150, S084-192, S084-135, S084-310.  TIFF/PDF
3 Seismic data EL(78)416, SO84-184, Seismic Base Maps.  TIFF/PDF
4 Seismic data EL(78)416, SO84-184, Seismic Base Maps.  TIFF/PDF
5 Seismic data SO84-171, SO84-181, SO84-175, SO84-169A, SO84-169B, SO84-148, SO84-137, SO84-194, SO84-212, SO84-180, SO84-329  TIFF/PDF
6 Seismic data SO87-666, SO87-660, SO87-672, SO87-658, SO87-656, SO87-650, SO87-664, SO87-654, SO87-662  TIFF/PDF
7 Seismic data SO84-194, SO86-310, Logs :- B2-NC41 Ind Res Sonic, E1-NC41 Dual Laterolog,, A1a-NC87 – Deep section (12900-16200), Mud Log (whole well), schematic – whole well.)A1-NC35a, Isis#3 - Log  TIFF/PDF
8 Seismic data A-19 –uninterpreted & interpreted& reprocessed, SO84-115, SO84-145, SO84-561, SO84-164, SO84-158, SO84-127, SO86-534, SO84-133a, SO84-133a,  TIFF/PDF
9 Seismic data SO86-196, SO84-192, SO84-159 TIFF/PDF
Loose Line D75-060 (NC42) Poor quality, SO87-684, SO87-551, SO87-600, SO87-680, SO87-654, SO86-327, SO87-312  TIFF/PDF

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