Libya Data Set Group 40 - Central Sirte Basin and Cyrenaica

Group Name Designation  Description Data Type

Central Sirte Basin and Cyrenaica


Cyrenaicia – Composite log -T1-41, Geophysical Survey 1968-1970 Concession 41 – Antelat (includes poor quality photocopy of Antelat discovery well – B1-41) 

2 Prospect Sheet VVV1-6 (1968)

North Concession 6 – Reefoid Prospect Illustrating lines, Attahaddy line 6V27-84, 87-418.

NC148 – A4 Plate

Comp log C1-18, Redigitised logs AA1-59, MMM1-59. 
3 The Petroleum Geochemistry of Oil and Source Rocks in the South East Sirte Basin – Report and well data sheets.  TIFF/PDF


Final well log R1-33, K1-32(photocopies),

Old report – Effects of Topography on U Cret Prospecting in Sirte Basin.

Geology and Hydrocarbon Potential – Conc 16 & 20, 1985 Report

Palaeocene Carbonates of Concession 16 & 20 and surrounding areas – 2nd copy 

5 Misc Geochemistry Maps S.E. and Central Sirte Maps.  TIFF/PDF 
6  B1-42 – Composite log

C1-43 – Composite log

T1a-11 – Composite log

EE1-20 – Composite log

Seismic line 16V504-90 (thru well N-16)

756-DV-16, & line 767 - Bahi Field Conc 32 
7 Composite logs) – C1-NC130, C230-6, BBBB1-6, C232-6, O1-20, C43-6.  TIFF/PDF
8 Esso Study –1966 – Geology of the Fogaha Group – Sirte Basin – Text and Enclosures.  TIFF/PDF

Line NC130 V333-91 (thru well A1-NC130)

88-112 –W Wadi – Wadi Field. F57-71 Conc 6 Interpreted line.

Nasser field Data including SP base map _2001, and various recent A4 production maps

Mabruk Field – Evaluation of Gharian and Dahra Potential. 1997

Sorra Field (North Concession 6 )– Reservoir Description report 

Cyrenaicia – i) Eastern Libya Tectonic features map

ii) Schematic Geological Cross –Section Derna-Tobruk-Agedabiya Trough

iii) Schematic Geological Cross –Section Sirte Basin- Tibesti Arch

iv) Schematic Geological Cross –Section Agedabiya – Derna Trough


v) Cenomanian Depth Map

vii) Mesozoic Composite Play Summary Map

viii) Lower Cretaceous (Albian) Facies Map

ix) Handdrawn Geological Cross Section Sabratah Basin – Sirte Basin – Jebel Akdar Uplift 


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