Libya Data Set Group 38 - Miscellaneous

Group Name Designation  Description Data Type


1 Synthetic seismogrammes Conc13/Conc6 and NC149,  TIFF/PDF
2 Old Esso Top Cretaceous Map 1971 Conc6, Geological Report –The Post gargaf Unconformity 1967 (Esso)+ Sarai Play Rating Map. Log X Section F4-59-L3-59-VV1-59-A1-NC107-A29-59-FF1-59-UU1-59-B1-123,  TIFF/PDF
3 Conc 20 seismic data – Line 88-302, 20V31-83, 20S11-65, 20V17-83, 88-302, Synthetics C1-NC130, P1-16. A4 TWT Map Top Kalash Masallah Structure –Conc 20,  TIFF/PDF

4 SP Base Maps Conc 17  TIFF/PDF 
5 Meghil Field – Waha/Gargaf Structure. Miscellaneous Digitised sonic logs – Q1-59, S1-59, MMM1-59, C2-16, B1-16, D1-94, Y1-13, C1-5, L1-16, J1-13, L1-13, J2-20, RRR1-6, M1-59, KK1-59, DDDD3-59, DDD1-6, C45-6, OO1-59, R1-59, S12-6, S16-6, P45-6, N1-16, M1-59, FFFF1-6, GGGG1-6, BB1-6, BBB1-6, FF17-6, FF6-6, U1-20, A1-59, H1-6, HHH1-6, C1-NC130, A1-6, UU30-6, B4-59, B1-59, B3-59, MMM5-6. Geological Evaluation of Concession NC107, Formation name Equivalents _ Sirte Basin  TIFF/PDF 
6 Permian and Carb Stratigraphy W Libya –Eastern Algeria, Associated and Non Associated gas Northern Concession 6, Old Esso report, Petroleum Geology of Beda Fm 1968 report, Prospect description W Meghil (Conc 6)Sirte Basin, Geology and Hydrocarbon Potential of Concessions 95/108 and contiguous areas – Old Esso report, Misc eismic data – 6V779-90 (Meghil Conc 6), 6V802-90 (Arshad Conc 6), Notes on Y1-13 well , RR1A-6 oil reserves,  TIFF/PDF 

Raguba Field Geological Study (Conc 20) – 1988 Formation Tops Conc 18,19 and 20 (exploration wells), Synthetic seismogramme MMMM1-6. 

8 Conc 6/13- Pre-Cretaceous to early Paleocene Geology of the Lehib to Jebel Areas. Formation Tops listing Conc 59 wells.  TIFF/PDF 
9 Formation Tops listing Nasser field (Conc 6), Conc 20 miscellaneous Raguba development and other exploration wells. TIFF/PDF 
10 Zelten Member of Ruaga Facies – Short report.
Miscell seismic NC16- NC16-84-07 &19, NC131 – 131-82-12, NC83 – 83-80-04, NC83-81-39, 83-81-45, Illustrative A4 plates Play types for i)NC16, ii)NC131, iii)Conc17, iv)NC75,NC83,part 51E, and open lands. 
11 Photocopies of old logs (mostly partial i.e over reservoir section).
L2-65, B1-82, H1-82, C1-105, E1-80, LL1-65, B1-105, K1-65, A1-65, UUU1-59,EE2-59, JJ1-59, P4-59, MM1-59, P7-59, G1-80, K1-80, C11-65, AA1-59, Y1-80, P1-80, X1-80, UUU2-59, EE1-59, BB1-59., S1-65, A1-80, AA1-80, F1-31, F3-31, J1-31, F2-31, H1-31. 

Tripolitania – X Sections N1-23- GA1, SA-1 to GA-1, E1-61 to A1-131,

Upper Permian Isopach Map

Lower and Middle Permian Isopach Map

Carboniferous Isopach Map

Sirte well log reduction CCC1-6, Stratigraphic X sections – MMM5-6 t0 Y1a-71, Isopach Map Heira Fm – 1979 Conc 6, Ruaga Structure Map (depth) W Meghil Field A3 illustrative plate. 
13 A1-NC83c, Y1-13  TIFF/PDF 

Nasser Field File

A4 File containing following :-

General Geology

Exploration wells data base + Co-ordinate data

Miscellaneous synthetic seismogrammes

A4 seismic data 

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