Libya Data Set Group 36 - Additional Adjedabya Trough Data

Group Name Designation  Description Data Type

Additional Adjedabya Trough Data

1 A4 seismic displays with well results for I1-6, F1-114, A1-NC117B, A1-114, E1-6.
Agip Seismic Data – (No proper Base Map) Large scale prints – Line Nos (Prefix 121-84) 01V, 02V, 03V, 04V, 06V, 07V, 13V, and 23V. 
2 NC117B Seismic Data – (Prefix NC117B-81) Line Nos 200 part, 201(East), 202, 203, 203(East), 204, 208, 214, 217, 235, 237. Sp Base Map-Field version. Interpreted version of line 205W TIFF/PDF

Composite Well Logs :- A1-119, B1-119, C1-119, I1-6, III1-6,


Miscellaneous - Written interpretation reports.

1) Geological Analysis - Northwestern Sirte Basin

2) Geological Evaluation – Amal West Concession Area

3) Geological Evaluation - Wadayat Concession Area

4) Geological Appraisal Jahama-Nefliah Structural Trend. 



NC117B and C – Stratigraphic review of Concessions.- Report with figures.

NC 117B/C Play Map and offshore Gulf of Sirte – 1:250,000

(with onshore contours on Nr Base Augila- offshore contours Nr Base Paleocene, Map indicates drilled structures and undrilled leads and prospects –1982.)

A1-117B – Well Summary Sheet.

B1-117B – Well Summary Sheet.

Seismic Compilation Map Onshore/Offshore – (Northern Adjedabya Trough – NC117B _ Former Shell Concession)

Figure NC117- area Distrbution of Cretaceous sands.

Figure NC117- area Significant stratigraphic edges.

Figure – Stratigrapgic Scheme –Conc 117B/C

A4 Isopachs and well cross sections – Northern Adgedabya/ Eastern Jahama Platform. 11 different isopachs

A4 Stratigraphic X sections – 6 different cross sections

Well correlation - C1-88 – B1-88 – D1-88

Well top sheets for Northern Conc 6, Adjedabya trough, Jahama platform wells. 

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