Libya Data Set Group 29b - Sirte Basin

Group Name Designation  Description Data Type


1 Composite well logs (completion logs) :-B1-11, N1W47-11, P1-11, T1A-11, Y1-II, Z1-11, FF1-11, GG1-11, LLL1-11, 4A1-11, 4F1-11  TIFF/PDF
2 Composite well logs:-K1-13, T16-13, Z1-13  TIFF/PDF
3 Composite well logs:- A1-17, A2-17, A6-17, A7-17, A29-17, E1-17, F1-17, I1-17, K1-17  TIFF/PDF


Composite well logs:-E1-20, E24-20, E50-20, E67-20, E80-20, J1-20, S1-20, U1-20, V1-20 

5 Composite well logs:-A6-32, B8-32, H1-32, U1-32 TIFF/PDF
6 Composite well logs:-HH1-47  TIFF/PDF
7 Composite well logs:-A2-59, E89-59, F1-59, Y1-59, B8-59, BB1-59, MM1-59,YY1-59, GGG1-59  TIFF/PDF
8 Composite well logs:-C16-65,F1-65, P1-65, R1-65  TIFF/PDF
9 Composite well logs:-A1-82, R3-82, O1-82, U1-82  TIFF/PDF
10 Composite well logs:-A1-NC84  TIFF/PDF
11 Composite well logs:-B1-91, C1-91  TIFF/PDF
12 Composite well logs:-E1-92, E10-92  TIFF/PDF
13 Composite well logs:-C1-93  TIFF/PDF
14 omposite well logs:-B1-65  TIFF/PDF

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