Libya Data Set Group 28 - Sirte Basin

Group Name Designation  Description Data Type



Brief Review (Text and Figures) circa 1970 NC132(Ghadames), Es Sider Block (NC133) –North of NC29b- , Marada Block (now part NC148), and West Sarir Block.

1984 Management committee meeting for above blocksand LP3c (now open block 00), which includes El Meheirga Field, also LP3D (became open block AA and NC107)

TWT Map 1:100,000 for Block NC135 -Sarir West Area- aalso short report with text and figures- Introduction, Stratigraphy, Structure, Source beds, Conclusions and recommendations.

Geological X Section Sketch X1-65-M1-65-A2-65-J1a-65-Y1-65-C18-65-c1-65-C16-65-G1-81.

Geological notes for :- JJ1-65, NN1a-65, NN1-65, MM1-65, FF1-65, FF1-65, KK1-65, OO2-65, OO1-65, DD & PP1-65.

Geological tops for :- M1-65, J1a-65, U1-65, Y1-65, A2-65, EE1-65, and KK1-65 
2 Concession 6 – South/Central
Full and Detailed Block Report including text and sections on existing production, leads, and prospects circa 1993 

Regional Structure Contour Maps Entire Sirte Basin

a) Top Kalash Limestone – Compiled from seismic time and depth maps.

b) Nr Top Basement/T.Cambro Ordovician

c) Top Cretaceous/Base Tertiary

d) Isopach Map - Miocene

e) Isopach Map - Oligocene 



Western Sirte Basin

Seismic Interpretation and Evaluation of the Hofra and Musggaf Areas North Eastern Concession 11 – Nov 1897- 16 pages of text and figures.

Concession 17 – Mabruk Field 3D Lines –assortment of interpreted lines through Mabruk Field Area. 

5 Concession 16 – Notes on Hagfa Horst Prospect  TIFF/PDF 
6 Raguba Field Reservoir Study- Concession 20 1981  TIFF/PDF 
7 Formation Tops Book for Concessions 82, 96, 97, 100 and NC41 (Offshore) and NC115 (Murzuk) TIFF/PDF 
8 NC149 Block evaluation Report – Concession contains the Wadi Field. Report includes text, field data, reserves, and prospect data.  TIFF/PDF 
9 Digitized logs for wells:- A1-NC130, AA1-59, VV1-59, A1-NC107,
AAA1-6, X1-6, L3-59(Type Samah Fm), MMM1-59,VV1-59,E2-16, E1-16, M1-16, A1-5, F1A-16, C1-5, A1-6, D1-94, A1-94, V1-20, U1-20, E2-20, V1A-11. 
10 Geological Summary Bu Grea Discovery A3-5  TIFF/PDF 

Miscellaneous material on Blocks MM and NN(Now open Blocks M and N)

Including Regional Structural Cross Section Adjedabya Trough

a) B1-11-A1-16-A1-NC113c-U2-6-D1-114-E1-114-B1-114-B1-NC117B-I1-6-E1-6-A1-41-I1-41

b) Hydrocarbon Plays And Significant Shows Map 

Eastern Sirte Basin

Well logs for oil wells :- Q1-31 – DIL-SLS-GR-CAL Completion Log

F1-31 – IES lithology log

Central Sirte Map – Potential Reservoir Facies - Sheghega (Gialo) and Oligocene 1:1000,000 
13 AAAA1-6 – Intent to Drill Document     TIFF/PDF

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