Libya Data Set Group 23 - Miscellaneous

Group Name Designation  Description Data Type


1 Sirte Basin Schematic geological Cross Section G1-16-C1-16-E2-16-E1- 16(Bazuzi Field)-E3-16-D1a-16.     TIFF/PDF
2 Miscellaneous material A4 plats and figures –Bazuzi Field –E-92  TIFF/PDF
3 Miscellaneous material A4 plats and figures –Bazuzi Field –E-92  TIFF/PDF


Q1-16- Hagfa Horst Prospect – Text and Figures 

5 Evaluation of Block B (Gulf of Sirte) 1999 - Block in final stages of ratification. Report with extensive text, figures and prospect review.   
6  Concession 17 (Now open Block NC17) – Full evaluation report with documented leads reserves figures and text   
7  Concession NC130/NC148 – Full Evaluation Report , Text, Figures, Leads and reserve estimates   
8  Synopsis of wildcat drilling in Libya 1994 – with well number dates and status of most wells drilled to end 1994.   
9 Prospect inventory for Sirte Oil Concessions Circa 1992  TIFF/PDF

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