Libya Data Set Group 20 - Sirte and Cyrenaicia

Group Name Designation  Description Data Type

Sirte and Cyrenaicia


Haram Field well logs ( including wells in vicinity of the field )

M1-47 - Composite log, statigraphic chart, core log table, DST chart ( including results of all DST’s )

F1-47 - Composite log,

O1-47 - Composite log,

D1-47 - Composite log, statigraphic chart, completion report including summary of DST results

S1-47 - Composite log, statigraphic chart, core log table, DST chart, electric log analysis log, sonic log, micro log, induction electric log,.

S14-47 - Composite log, , core log table.

S5-47 - Composite log, lithological description, core log.

S2-47 - Composite log.

S8-47 - Lithological description , induction electric log.


NN1-47 (Yosr) -Composite log ( includes DST results )

SS1-47 - Composite log.

S6-47 - Composite log, weekly report (x1)

S7-47 - Induction electric log, graphic core log, weekly chronological well log.

S3-47 - Graphic core log, composite well log.

S4-47 - Composite well log, graphic core log, lithological description.

S9-47 - Induction electric log, graphic core log.

S10-47 -Graphic core log, composite well log.

S11-47 -Composite well log

S12-47 -Composite well log.

S2-47 - Lithological description, D.S.T. results with pressure charts.    

2 Cyrenaicia - Report on Geology of Northern Cyrenaicia - 1986
Comprehensive review of the geology of northern Cyrenaicia, including sections on magnetics, gravity, basin fill and structure, tectonics,, facies maps, isopach maps, structure contour maps, ( all at A3 size ), hydrocarbon and migration trends.    
3 Text and references for the above report.  TIFF/PDF


For item 4 see box 16    


Oil Systems of Libya - Review of principle oil productive systems of Libya. 50 pages of text and figures ( mostly tables and graphs ).     TIFF/PDF

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