Libya Data Set Group 12 - Central Sirte and Southern Shelf

Group Name Designation  Description Data Type

Central Sirte and Southern Shelf


Miscellan. Tops Conc 13 and 6 wells list :- T1 - T15-13,J1-13,J3,T9,

B1-13, X1-13, ZZ1-6, O1,O2-6.



Conc 20 Geological X Section (A4) and isopach maps

El Meheirga Field - Engineering Report - Text + Figs -

Conc 6 Data

Seismic data prints at 5cm/sec :- 6V286-84 (tie to wellsYYY1-6 & K1- 6)picked, 6V291-84(tie to Jebel Field wells P19,P3,P21,P28-6)-picked,

6-R81-69 -reprocessed

6V270-84 - (tie to K1-6, P6-6, P21-6 - picked)

6V272-840 -(tie to well FFF1-6, FFF2-6, Jebel Field, AAAA1-6)

Seismic (A4) Tie lines to Conc 6 and 20 wells - mostly interpreted.:-

Conc 20 - J1, E2, M1,P1, O1,B1,T1,R1,J3,G1,V1-20, E-92 Field, AA1-20

S2,Y1,I1,D1,Q1,V1,L1,DD1,E5-20, A1-NC18,P1-20,W.Raguba,P1-20

M1-20, Conc 6 :- Sorra Field, PP5-6, UUU1a-6, HH1-6, HH2-6,

Lehib Field, Nasser Field, Meghil, DDDD1-6, Lehib, Arshad (MMM1a-6)

Dor Marada,

Report on Northern Concession 6

Interpretation Report with Text and illustrative lines through wells as follows:-

H8,H7,H6-6(Assmoud Field), O2 & O5-6 (Sahl Field), O1 & O2-6, ZZ1-6

S14,S2, S5-6 (Hateiba Field). LL1-6, S11-6, S10, S14-6, FF4,FF1,FF8,FF7-6

(Attahaddy Field), 4F1-6, 4M5-6(N.Arshad), 3I1-6, SS1-6, LL1-6, S11-6,

SS10-6, S14-6, FFFF1-6, S6-6, DDD1-6, EEEE1-6, Z1-6.

Through well A1-NC171 and F1-103. Line No NC171-91-512

Seis Line Thru PP9-6, PP2-6, Ralah D2-6,- Picked.

NC144 - Old Shell line    

Conc 103 S.P. Base Maps

1987 Vintage Seismic Lines 5cm/sec Prefix C103-86

Line Nos :- U6, U59, U35, U57, U56, U61, U33, U26,U28,U39

U37, U34, U60, U55, U24, U41, U22    


Conc 103 - Review of Remaining Hydrocarbon Potential of Conc 103

1985 - 25 Pages -Text and Figs -

Comp Log reduction for GGGG1-6.

Conc 6 Isopach Maps - Sochna Fm and Total Marine Cretaceous , and

Waha Fm - 1:100,000. 1987

Lithofacies of the Waha Fm.

Regional Geological X Section J3-6 to A55-59.

Old paper Circa 1967 - Evaluation of Oasis relinquishments V,X,and Z blocks of Conc 59. - includes useful discussion of well results and outline of structures    



Miscell Material - photocopy of E1-16 reservoir section from the comp log, sketch x section from 5B1-59-NN1-59-NNN1-59-5O1-59(With Tops),

NN1-59 Synthetic Seismogramme

N/S Geological X Section from F1-108-SSS2-XXX-EE1-6-A1-LP3C-A4-C1- A2-LP3C-CCC1-6-AA1-6(With Tops)

Notes on wildcat wells FF14-6, 4G1-6, D1-149,FF12-6, K1-NC149, FF11-6, D8-NC149 and others wells in Conc 6

A4 map of Wadi Field with X section,Misc notes and sketches for 4D1-6 (S.E.

Meghil), Ain Jarbi (HH1-6), and BBB1-6.

Comp log H1-6 and photocopy of M1-16-

Geol X Section N-S Thru Conc 6 D3-104-4A1-6-C104-C48-DD2-6.

Photocopy of Comp Log for BB1-6 and Comp log print for I1-6.

Esso Onshore Libya Assesment Study - Original notes A4 maps of plays and risks per basin Circa 1970.

Miscell geological X Sections - with tops

1) Balat-O2-59-MMM1-59-QQ1-59-OO1-59-B1-47




Misc illustrations including Geol section illustrating the 3M1-59 Sst!    

5  File Additional Seismic Thru wells :-BB1-6 and 4B1-6 and line 6V268-84

thru wells K1-6,C70-6 and YY1-6.

Conc 17 Notes on concession plus Dahra Map of Mabruk Field- Notes on leads.

NC148 - A4 Zmam Fm Map,NC130 -notes,Conc 20 notes + A4 maps base Tertiary.

Conc 16 - Bazuzi Field Seismic Line.

Seis Line Conc 16 -16v18-84 thru wells K1-16-G1-16-D1a16- picked

Seismic line thru well C1-5 and C2-16 picked.

Seismic line thru well H1-16

Seismic line thru well L1-16

Seismic line thru well B1-16

A4 Conc 16 B Tert Map - Poor quality

Conc 104 - Seismic line thru wells D3-104,K3-13-Wadi+ Notes on Wadi Field

Pipelines map for central Libya.

Conc 6 - Hateiba Field paper (inhouse) - including maps (A4) and cross- sections

Miscellaneous notes on 4I1-6 and other leads and single well discoveries in south of Conc 6. including 4C1-6,4B1-6,4B2-6,and 2B-6    
6,7,8&9 Eval of Block SS ( South of 102) in current open blocks OO east of Harash and QQ1-6 vel curve TIFF/PDF

Conc 6 Material Miscell lines thru wells -picked- Meghil,Lehib,Arshad,Nasser Fields,and Ralah.

A4 Schematic Cross section S2-S8-S1-S14-LL1 (with tops)-OO1-Hateiba-

3I1-6-4F1-6-(without tops)

Conc LP4D -

Sirte Basin Tectonics and Pay Horizons Map

U Sabil Isopach -Agedabia Trough.

Semi Regional Structural X sections

a) B1-59-A3-59-A6-59-A1-59-P13-6-P3A-6-P8-6-C48-6,C67-6-C48-6,C67- C45- J3-J1-YY1-UU1-J1-13-LL1-6-FF1-6-S1-6-OO1-6-I1-6-with shows indicated. 1966 vintage.

b) ZZ1-6-O12-6-O1-6-Z1-6

Report on Conc 103 Leads Text - 1985

Report on LP3c - Text

Old seismic from former NC82 (now NC171) :- 1982 data

Line Nos - 82-86-27,82-86-31,(K2-103), 82-86-54(S1a-103), 82-86-53,

82-86-28,82-86-28, 82-86-20.

NC82 - TWT Map of Abu Fas (Kheir) Mobil 1987-(now NC171)

Pal and Cret with DST results.

Log Correlation 3X1-6-EE1-6-B1-LP3C-A3-A1-A4-LP3C-C1-A2-LP3C

Photocopies of Synthetic Seismogrammes for wells :-C1-LP3C, A1-LP3C,

A2-LP3C, B1-LP3C, A3-LP3C, Q14-59, E1-108, A1-NC106, B1-NC106

A1-108, B1-LP5C, A2/2A-108,    



Conc 6 Comp log prints- F1-6 , QQ1-6, AA1-6 .

LP3D Data

Log X Section AA1-59-DD1-59-M2-M12-A3-LP3D-A1-59.

LP3C Area- A4 maps- various figures and seismic line through well.

Sketch Log correlation with tops BB2a-59-3C1-59-D1-105-3N1-59-2N1-59

Evaluation Report -LP3D 1984 -41 pages- text,figs,well results

Stratigraphic log Correlation -Palaeocene- C2-59-C1-OO1-VV1-SSS1-O1a-


M59 Member - Log facies and reservoir thickness.

Seismic line through wells AA1-59,PP1-59,A55-59 -picked

Tops for wells C1-44,A1,B1,D1-44,A1-43,B1-43,C1-43,D1-43.

Sirte Basin - Gravity Interpretation Report - 29 pages text+ figures+A4 maps    


Southern Shelf/Bu Tumayn Trough

Exploration Report on NC36 - Results and prospectivity. 14 pages of text

Interim Evaluation Report- NC36

Geophysical Report-NC36

Geological Evaluation Report of the Bu Hasciscia Area- Southern Sirte

Pt1- Detailed Report on the Structure,Geology (including surface geology)

Stratigraphy,Petroleum geology, and play concepts.

Pt2- Maps for above Report

Structural Compilation with surface contours

Geological X Section A1-71-I1-R1-S1-71.






NC36 Area Isochron Map Sitra-Heira Fm

Bougier Gravity Map NC36 Area

NC36 Maturation Probability Map for Ruaga Fm

NC36 Maturation Probability Map for Mid Cretaceous Unconformity

NC36 Maturation Probability Map for Carboniferous

NC36 TWT Structure Map -1:200,000-Heira Fm

NC36 TWT Structure Map -1:200,000-Sitra Fm

NC36 TWT Structure Map -1:200,000-T.Cretaceous

Map illustrating Regional structure and 6 sample picked seismic lines through




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