Libya Data Set Group 11 - Central Sirte

Group Name Designation  Description Data Type

Central Sirte


NC163 - Geological Review of A1-NC163 Discovery including maps, X section and text all at A4 - 1994

Evaluation of Eocene rocks of Concession 6 - 1978 18 pages of text and

Memo describing plays of concession 6 - Text and X sections

Note on interpretation of LP3c - Block 11 Survey 1980-81

Conc 103 - E24-103 Intent to Drill Document

A1-NC165 - Notes on interpretation and well results.including various maps

(A4), diagrams and seismic lines at A4.Well data sheet for 5N1-59.Misc

Final geological well report Fina A1-NC171     

NC163 Seismic Data - Photocopies of 1991 Data -

Line Nos:- NC163-90- 117,109,106,110,102,105,107,111,113,104,103, 108.    


NC171 Seismic Data Photocopies at 5cm/sec

Line Nos:- NC171-91 (prefix) 523,535,521,527,522,507,521,510,516,


S.P.Base Map 1:50,000 x2

NC171 Additional seismic data Paper prints:- NC171-90 500,501,503,504 505,505,506,509,511,513,514,515,516,517,519,525,543,559.

Reprocessed 1982 data from NC171 10 cm/sec line Nos :- NC82-87- 11,

1,6,2,5,14,4,3, also copy of NC82-87-01,11,6,2,5,14,4

Large scale versions of above lines NC82-87-12, NC171-92-572, 573,571, 575,574,508,547.    


5 NC171 Block 4 (North of Conc 103) Seismic lines NC45-80-01,05,07 and S.P.Base Map at 1:50,000     TIFF/PDF 
5b Lasmo NC173 Farmout brocure Offshore Block     TIFF/PDF

NC163 Data NW AREA. T.Kalash Interpretation TWT.

NC163 Seismic Data (Old) - extends north of NC163 at 5cm/sec scale

Line Prefix 3C,line nos :- 101,102,8,10,1,9,28,29,15,14,1,12,13,99,86,84,


SP Base Map 1:50,000 South NC163 1993 data.

Paper NOC - Eocene and Cretaceous of Ajedabia Trough/Amal High - Eastern Segment of Sirte Basin - Eocene and Gialo plays- text and figures    


Miscell Seismic data Conc 59 (no base map), Line Nos 1801,1887,1888, 1468, 1396,1892,1896,1889,1890.

NC163 - Interpretation Map - Top Rakb TWT map 1989 1:50,000

- Interpretation Map - Top Harash/B.Kheir TWT map 1:100,000

composite map of whole block    


NC103 - S.P. Base Map 1:100,000 and prints of Seismic lines at 10cm/sec

scale Line prefix NC103-90 Line Nos :- 26,53,39,34,88-01,14 16, 20,30,22    


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