Libya Data Set Group 7 - Ghadames

Group Name Designation  Description Data Type



Composite Logs :- O1-26,

Intent to Drill document C1-NC162.

Sedimentology study of cores :-AA1-NC7a (Kabir Field),A1-NC118, and B1- 26.

Synthetic Seismogramme A1-NC118,D1-70,and log evaluation report for C1- NC162.    

2 A1-NC118 - Full Evaluation Report and composite log, Miscell Seismic data from NC143     TIFF/PDF

NC118 Seismic Data - 5cm/sec Line Nos - 118.83 - 301,05,07,11,22,203, 20, 316,314,318,320,12,105,108,303,12.    



NC118 Seismic Data - Various S.P.Base Maps, synthetic seismogramme for A1- NC118 well, 10 cm/sec Line Nos:- 05, 07, 11, 12, 18, 20, 22, 105, 108, 203, 301, 303, 314, 316,320.    


Redigitized logs for wells EE1-NC7,M2-NC7,F1-NC2,B1-NC2,Q5-NC7,A1- NC2, Z5-NC5,DD2-NC7A.    


File NC153 Data NC153 - S.P.Base map 1:250,000, B.Tanezzuft Map TWT 1:100,000 T.Tahara Map TWT 1:100,000 B.Tanezzuft Map Depth 1:100,000, Velocity Maps to Top Tanezzuft and Top Tahara, TWT Map Top Tanezzuft. West NC153- Depth Map Top Tahara - 1:100,000, Depth Map Top Tanezzuft - 1:100,000, Top Tahara TWT 1:100,000, A4 - Seismic illustration of main prospects/leads of NC153, Plat of main hydrocarbon occurences in the area, Top Tahara TWT with Leads indicated.    

S.P. Base Map for NC2, NC3a, NC4, NC4-87-19 - Seismic line through the Tlacsin Field (A1-70)    



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