Libya Data Set Group 4 - Murzuk and Atchan Area

Group Name Designation  Description Data Type

Murzuk/Atchan Area

1A NC 101 Isochron map of NC101 and surrounding areas (open) (64% reduction from 1:250,000) ,miscell seismic from NC101 Line Nos NC101-34, 33,01(thru O1-101 and A1-73), 28,32,03,31,34., BOCO Isochron Map NC101- for Top Cambro-Ordovician 1:50,000 -1986     TIFF/PDF

NC58 S. Murzuk Seismic line thru A1-NC58, Line 4BR.68, photocopies of lines thru wells G1 and B1-58 Miscellaneous isochron maps of Top Cambro-Ordovician and Basement for NC58, reduced maps indicating location of drilled and undrilled structures.    


Farm- Out material NC147 including geological X sections across block Seismic line thru A1-NC147- pre drilling, text, 1987 prospect sheet - Top Tahara Map of block (Devonian) T.W.T., A4 Seismic through wells (Atchan area), A4 diagram showing F3 depositional models and prospects in block.



A1-NC58, B1-NC58,A1-NC34 Composite Logs (Murzuk)    

3B Photocopies of lower part of Composite for:-C,D,E,F,and G1-NC58, and H1 print     TIFF/PDF

Atchan Area - Gargaf Isopach Map 1:500,000,Comp log L1-1, Al Wafa Field Well Summary Report 1988-1993 Text,reserves, maps and log correlation and reservoir properties.Atctan area Prospective areas and trends map, Isopach of net pay Ayadar Fm Atchan Field. Hand written report on the Atchan Field    


Atchan Area - Well Sheets for wells LI-1,01-1, A1-48,F1-1,E1-1,D1-1,B1-1 plat showing wells and seismic, A4 seismic display lines over Atchan wells B3-1, B1-1.and D1-1.Interpreted Seismic display line 1V11-84 thru wells B1- 3-A3-B1-1.    


Miscellaneous material from Murzuk/Ghadames- old Esso report, text only approx 30 pages, Text from 1989 report on Murzuk/Ghadames including sections on Licencing,Source rocks,Formation descriptions, BOCO NC100 Report 1986 -Text only.    

6 Origins and Migration Fairways of Petroleum in the Murzuk Basin - Paper 1987 - Brasperto - Based on data from NC58 and NC101.   TIFF/PDF
7 Concession 151 predrilling evaluation circa 1995   TIFF/PDF
8 Geological review of 151 reassessment of hydrocarbon potential of prospects and leads after first four wells completed(full evaluation report with colour play maps, isopach maps and geological cross sections.  TIFF/PDF

9  Concession NC169 evaluation report post discovery. Report with play maps, isopach maps, and seismic displays  TIFF/PDF

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