Libya Strategic Report - 8th Edition - November 2017

With the advent of more stable times in Libya and the return of the International Oil and Gas Community we have completly revised and refreshed our definative assessment of Libya's Oil and Gas Industry: "The Libya Strategic Report". 

The Reissue of this report in its Eighth Edition is well timed and coincides with significant resurgence of interest in Libya. One of the key highlights of this edition is the inclusion of complete historical oil production figures for all of the fields in Libya from 2003-2014, a dataset that is unique in its insight.

This Report charts Libya's oil and gas potential and is designed for anyone interested in engaging in its oil and gas sector.

Libya's proximity to Europe, its sweet high quality crude oil, its significant gas reserves make this report a must not just for oil and gas professionals but also for those interested in assessing Libya's strategic impact on hydrocarbon supplies to the European Union and the United States of America.

This issue includes the results of the licensing awards made since lifting of sanctions and exploration drilling conducted in these license areas.

This Report is the Eighth Edition of Bayphase's Libya Oil and Gas Industry Strategic Report. It provides a comprehensive review of Libya’s Oil and Gas Industry, including these elements:

-       Upstream: Fields, Production Facilities and Exploration Potential

-       Midstream: Pipelines, Terminals

-       Downstream: Refineries, Petrochemical Plants, Gas Processing Plants

-       Infrastructure: Power Generation, Transportation

Though the Report presents an industry wide assessment its main focus is Libya's upstream oil and gas fields and their production facilities. Here a basinal view of Libya has been taken with the country categorised in to its six main sedimentary basins:

-       Sirte

-       Murzuk

-       Offshore/Tripolitania

-       Cyrenica

-       Kufra

A sister publication of the Report is our Libya Exploration and Production Three Map Set which can be purchased searately.

The report provides analysis and enhanced data sets on over 80 oil and gas fields; some currently in production - others undeveloped awaiting investment.

The report also examines licensing and Exploration Potential in all of Libya's sedimentary basins to provide an assessment of the investment likely to be expended in exploration activities and the reserves increments that could potentially result.

From an Oil Reserves Perspective the report charts Libya's proven plus probable potential remaining reserves of 67 Billion bbls.

From a Gas Reserves Perspective the report charts Libya's proven plus probable potential remaining reserves of 89 Trillion Standard Cubic Feet

From an Investment Perspective the report shows how between 46 through 81 Billion Dollars of investment will be required by Libya's oil and gas industry over the next 15 years to unlock its production potential.

For full details on our offer open the links to the PDF copy of our Iraq Strategic Report marketing booklet at the base of this web page.

We have developed a companion publication to this Report that analyses the economics associated with each of the fields we have identified here - see the Libya Fields Financial Report web page for more details.

The Report has 448 pages and is priced at 7,500GBP (Seven Thousand Five Hundred Pounds Sterling) for a single user license which includes updates for the 1st year following purchase.

It is delivered electronically and as a hard copy via FEDEX.

The pricing quoted above includes delivery.

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