Bayphase has developed a range of Reports and has collected raw Data from oil and gas provinces worldwide. The Reports and Data are available for acquisition by interested parties.

Through this website we are able to offer strategic reports, economic assessment reports, exploration and production maps, and well log, well test and seismic data. The extent of and the specific elements of the reports and data that we offer are shown on our Coverage page.

BayphaseData Primary Focus

Country Reports and Analysis

Through our own initiatives we have developed significant analysis on three countries: Iraq, Libya and Algeria. Our focus is primarily technical but we cover economic and geographic issues  as well. These Reports are available for third party acquisition. // ... read more

Well and Seismic Data

During the course of our business we have acquired a significant amount of well and seismic data. We are able to offer this data for third party acquisition including well logs, well test data and seismis survey data // ... read more

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